Fernando Tatis Jr. Suspended 80 Games for PED Violation

Image Credit: (Orlando Ramierz/USA Today Sports)

2022 has not been Fernando Tatis Jr’s year at all. He suffered a severe wrist injury due to a motorcycle accident which took him out multiple games in beginning of the season. Well it just got worse for him as news has came out that he will not be playing for the rest of the season. His full suspension is for 80 games and it is for violating the leagues Performance Enhancing Drugs Policy.

Apparently, Tatis tested postive for an anabolic steroid that is called Clostebol. Tatis was using the drug in order to treat a ringworm. A ringworm is basically a fungal infection on the skin. Tatis took responsibility for his actions, but he apparently did not know that the drug was an illegal substance to take. However, multiple athletes that also tested postive for Clostebol including 2B/SS Dee Gordon , and Olympian Viktoria Orsi Toth.

This is a big loss for the San Diego Padres. This year is there all in push for a World Series after they acquired OF Juan Soto during the trade deadline. The Padres were expecting to have Fernando Tatis back from injuries and be the final piece to this team. That is not going to happen now. To make it worse he will be out a part of the 2023 Season. There are 48 games left in the 2022 season and this suspension will carry on in the 2023 Season. Tatits will be out the first 32 games as a result.

This is a tough suspension for Tatis and the Padres organization to deal with. But rules are the rules and Tatis broke them. My question now is, How will the Padres be able to respond to this suspension?

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