Bruce Beal is likely out as the next owner of the Miami Dolphins

Image Credit (David Santiago/Miami Herald)

A few weeks ago, the Miami Dolphins were punished by the league due to tampering with both Tom Brady and Sean Payton. It resulted in the Dolphins loosing draft picks, along with suspensions for Stephen Ross and Bruce Beal. Many thought that this story would be over after the punishment came out, but I was not so sure of that. In an earlier article, I said that the guy who is heavily effected by the punishment was Bruce Beal. So far that is starting to turn out to be the case.

News came out where Stephen Ross is taking steps to change his successor of who was owning the Dolphins next. Ross is going to keep the Dolphins in the family as his daughter Jennifer Ross will be the new successor. Jennifer Ross already has a stake in ownership and will likely be next in line for majority ownership. With the steps taken by the Dolphins, it is clear Bruce Beal is out in Miami.

There is no chance Beal was going to take over after his big role in the Tampering Allegations. Especially, when it came to the Tom Brady tampering, which he was the main point of contact. In my opinion, his biggest punishment is loosing the opportunity to be the majority owner of the Miami Dolphins. Both Beal or Ross haven’t commented on this news yet, but I bet once Ross’s suspension is up he will. I do wonder if he will even be out as a minority owner of the team as well. That will be a wait and see if that does happen though.

This is something to watch as this story is clearly not done yet anytime soon. No matter what happens, it is going to have long term effect on the Dolphins organization. Ross is 82 years old and is not getting any younger. Someone has to take over, and it clearly is not going to be Bruce Beal.

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