Audi To Join F1 in 2026

Audi announced that it will be a power unit supplier for the 2026 season during a press conference before the Belgian Gran Prix. The changes in regulations that are being applied to the sport greatly appealed to the car manufacturer since they have had a strong focus on electric vehicles and sustainability for the future.

(Photo credits: F1, Car and Driver magazine)

Formula 1 vehicles for the 2026 season will maintain their internal combustion engines; however, regulations require the fuel they use to be one hundred percent sustainable. They will also allow more of the vehicles’ power supply to be provided electrically and there will be an established limit to the cost of the vehicles’ engines. All of these factors were what made the move appealing to Audi.

Audi has not yet announced who it will partner with in the forthcoming season, but the manufacturer’s addition to the sport is a testament to how Formula 1 is staying relevant in the rapidly shifting landscape of the automotive industry.

Source: F1 Website

Written by Gabriel Diaz del Valle, Moore Than Sports

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