10 Potential Topic For Dark Side of the Ring if Season 4 Happens

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With Dark Side of the Ring on a hiatus as the producers of the show are working on a new documentary called “Tales of the Territories”. While not confirmed, Vice has dropped hints that Dark Side of the Ring may in the future get a 4th season to the show.

So while it is not 100% confirmed but it looks like in the future Dark Side of the Ring will likely get a 4th season of the show. So this got me thinking, what topics would there be for Dark Side of the ring to explore. Well that would be a long list, but I decided to give my Top 10 topics Dark Side of the Ring should do an episode on if a 4th season were to be made.

10. The Velveteen Dream

With the growing controversy of Velveteen Dream and this being recent, this has to go on the list. This topic definitely would drive a ton of fans to the documentary and there is so much that can be talked about with Velveteen Dream. The Tough Enough controversy, The many allegations surrounding him, his beef with EC3, and even the strange car accident he had. I would even like to know a bit more on Patrick Clark before he was a pro wrestler as well. This would be a very interesting topic for Vice to do.

9. Wrestlelicous Takedown

Some episodes on Dark Side of the Ring talk about defunct wrestling companies like XPW, FMW, and UWF (Herb Abrams). There is one wrestling “company” that I would definitely love Dark Side of the Ring to cover and that is Wrestlelicous Takedown. If there is one word to describe this promotion it is bizarre.

If I were to describe this promotion in a sentence though, think if a 19 year old who recently won The Lottery making the decision to run an all-female wrestling promotion. That is actually what happened and the episodes produced in this company were just awful. I could barley get through 1 episode. There is so much that I would like to learn about the company and what happened to Jonathan Vargas (the owner of Wrestlelicous Takedown).

8. Jerry “The King” Lawler

With Jerry Lawler interviewing in Vice’s Tales from the Territories, I could definitely see an episode on Lawler for Dark Side of the Ring if there is another season. After all there has been a lot of highs and lows with Jerry Lawler. You can talk about the 1993 Rape Allegation during Survivor Series, his 2001 departure, the domestic violence arrest, the heart attack on Monday Night Raw, and many more. I would even talk about the demise of his son Brian Christopher aka Grand Master Sexay which is a very tragic story.

7. Perry Saturn

I am shocked that not a lot of people are talking about Perry Saturn as a potential Dark Side of the Ring Topic. Saturn is one of the most underrated wrestlers during his time in WCW. He made the jump to WWE with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko which was big during the WWE vs WCW wars.

When Saturn went to WWE it did not work out well for him and his career pretty much ended when he legitimately beat up a jobber in Mike Bell. He got punished severely with the whole Moppy gimmick. Yes, it got him over with the fans, but it was never capitalized on and he was released not long after the gimmick ended.

The documentary could talk about his life once wrestling was over and how he saved a women from being assaulted, but it resulted in him suffering a gunshot wound. Saturn has never been the same once this incident happened and it resulted in a ton of health/drug problems. It is a true tragic story and it would definitely be a topic to explore in the documentary

6. Mike Awesome

Definitely has to go on the list as Mike Awesome in his prime was super talented especially in his ECW days. The way he left ECW as there champion for WCW is a must to talk about as he was stiffed on pay by Paul Heyman who was the owner/promotor of the company. His days in WCW were full of bad booking and terrible gimmicks. He hated his time in WWE.

What truly is dark was his final days as he had a very bad domestic violence incident with his wife. It resulted in Awesome being arrested and while in prison his wife visited and told him she was going through with the divorce and filing full custody of there kids. Awesome not long after he left prison committed suicide at his home. It is truly tragic and depressing what happened to Awesome. It would definitely be a hard watch if this episode was made.

5. Mitsuharu Misawa

Many reading this probably does not know who Mitsuharu Misawa is. Misawa was a Japanese professional wrestler who also was the founder/promotor of Pro Wrestling Noah. At the time he was one of the best wrestlers in Japan and it is a sad story as Misawa died in the ring as he took a back suplex and it went wrong. The suffered a severe spinal injury that caused brain dysfunction and he stopped breathing resulting in his death. It is truly a tragic event what happened to Misawa and I think an episode on him is a must along with the events that happened to Pro Wrestling Noah after his death.

4. Art Barr

Out of all the topics that the Dark Side of the Ring crew have done, I am shocked they have not made an episode yet on Art Barr. Art Barr is one of the biggest what ifs in professional wrestling as he was extremely talented in the ring, but passed away at the young age of 28 years old due to a drug overdose. He was so influential to WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero who decided to do the frog splash as a tribute to Barr. Barr and Guerrero were also a tag team together called the Los Gringos Locos. The episode also has to talk about the rape allegation that surrounds Barr, which does not paint him in a good light. The documentary can also talk about the strange gimmick he had in WCW where he wrestled as “The Juicer.” and it was inspired by the movie Beetlejuice. This should be a must for an episode to be made on Art Barr.

3. JBL’s Bullying Scandals

John Bradshaw Layfield is a very talented professional wrestler. has won multiple championships and is a WWE Hall of Famer. Hoewver he has a big reputation of being a bully to multiple people behind the scenes. The episode can talk about the many scandals, but it is a must to talk about him roughing up The Blue Meanie on live ppv. Hazing multiple wrestlers behind the scenes and these stories are very rough. He would go so far that he one time got punched in the face by commentator Joey Styles. His antics and bullying even got many to quit the company including commentator Mauro Ranallo, Palmer Canon, and Amy Weber. There are a ton of terrible stores as well with JBL and it does not make him come across well.

2. Dick Murdoch

Oh this is a must for Dark Side of the Ring to talk about if a 4th season were to happen. Especially with the many allegations of him being a racist and a member of the Ku Klux Klan. I’m not kidding about that, as there have been many stories of Murdoch being a part of the Klan. Murdoch also was known to bring multiple wrestlers to these meetings without telling them. In fact it is a must to talk about the disgraceful and disgusting rib he pulled on Tony Atlas. The backstage fight he had with Rocky Johnson is definitely something that can be talked about. Dick Murdoch is a very controversial person and it would be a missed opportunity for Vice to not do an episode on Murdoch for Season 4.

1. Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch aka Sunny

Can we put one of those symbols that are used when a team clinches a playoff spot in the playoffs? This is definitely a topic that should 100% be a topic if a 4th season of Dark Side of the Ring were to happen.

Especially with how much of a train wreck Sunny has been the past few years. In fact this could be a double part episode with the large amount of arrests that Sunny has had for many long years. Even with how many relationships she has had in the locker room including with Shawn Michaels. If an episode on Sunny is done, you can’t mention her without Chris Candido. Even looking how Candido died is tragic as a whole. Vice would make a big mistake not doing this as an episode.

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